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"We got a chicken show from Chick-n-mation our second year in agri-tainment. We raised our admission price by one dollar and that year we got 20,000 people. We paid for our show. The chickens have been entertaining our customers for 8 years singing songs. They are the best employees we've ever had to work for us!"
Donald Courville - Cajun Country Corn Maze, Baton Rouge, LA

"We at Cherry Crest Farm in Lancaster Country Pennsylvania were very please with the Singing Chicken Show. We purchased the show from Jerry Howell in 2004. Workmanship and service was excellent. Our customers of all ages enjoyed listening. Best of all for us, other than opening the doors and closing them at night, it took no labor expense!!"
Jack Coleman, Cherry-Crest Farm, Donna Coleman, Cherry-Crest Farm, PA

Chick'n'mation booth wins IAAPA Best of Show award!
Animal Band

Animal Band

This unique captivating package includes:

  • 14 animatronic characters (Goat, Sheep, Donkey, Cow, 3 Pigs, 6 Carrots or Corn, & 1 Bunny)
  • Complete animatronic control system, amp and speakers
  • 3 character stage lifts
  • 12 spotlights synchronized to the performers
  • 4 stage pneumatic air filtration system
  • 1 spectacularly programmed & choreographed 10 minute show

Available options:

Additional Programmed Musical Shows, Joke Package, Barn Animals Educational Show, Happy Birthday Song,
Custom Songs & Programming, Backdrop Scenery Artwork.
Smooth flowing analog actions can be substituted for some movements, call to inquire about these options.

Animal Band

Here is Our Cast of Performers:
”Mr. Goat”, “Sleepy Sheep Seven”, “Honkey Donkey Dude”, “Angelina Cow”, “3 New Pigs in the Pen”,
“Fuzzy Bunny”, and “The Carrot Top Nine”

(finished product may vary from artistic illustration)

Contact us to hear music for the Animal Band 905 892 3918

You would need to supply a suitable dry location above 40°F, 2-15 amp isolated electric outlets, a secure stage, post and beam frame, decorations and a clean dry compressed air supply (min 8CFM @ 85PSI).

Download the Product Sheet for this show
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